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Advantages of Using One Pool Contractor for Custom Design & Build

Advantages of Using One Pool Contractor for Custom Design & Build
One-stop shops are glorious. We all flock to the membership warehouses because in one trip, we can pick up car tires, groceries, self-actualization, a bulk supply of assorted sparkling water, new matches on Bumble, prescription glasses, and a fresh pizza for dinner. 

Can that one-stop shop mentality apply to getting the inground pool of your dreams?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Also yes.

Designing and constructing an inground pool is a massive, intricate operation that may seem both exhilarating and daunting. On one hand, you have a budding vision for what you want your outdoor oasis to look and feel like; the design ideas are percolating in your mind and inspiring you to do this research. On the other hand, the inevitable headache of hiring various subcontractors and bearing a chaotic construction period stops you in your tracks. 

Then the worst thought of all emerges: “What if the construction crew completely misses the mark on the design?” 

We’ve spent over 15 years designing and building custom swimming pools at J Design Pool and Spa. Our tenure is steeped in dedication to continuous education and immaculate execution of our designs so that we don't miss the mark.

When you’re done reading this article, you’ll fully grasp how going with one contractor for custom pool design & build begets convenience and aesthetic advantages, benefits that don’t require you to compromise form, function, or peace of mind to get the aquatic escape you’re longing for. 

3D rectangular pool and spa visual



Continuity errors are annoying (and a tad sloppy) in scenes on a TV show, but they’re all together upsetting when they’re reflected in your pool’s design and craftsmanship.

Design motifs are the interwoven golden threads of your unique vision that should consistently permeate the entire design of your pool. When different contractors are working on the construction, the mix of other hands and different craftsmen creates ripples in the continuity. The differences in their style and application create an unsightly mix and match, which is very noticeable on large projects. 

When one contractor is solely responsible for the design and another contractor is exclusively responsible for implementing that design, continuity errors are bound to occur. 

One example of this principle is in the quality of craftsmanship. The meticulous details of the overarching design cannot be replicated when the construction team has only a superficial understanding of the design. There’s a disconnect between the idea and the hands that bring that idea to life, which almost guarantees that the craftsmanship won’t accurately replicate the true essence of the design.

This disconnect is avoided when the contractor delegated with the construction has also drawn out the design agreement. A design agreement includes the entire scope of a client’s design: construction plans, 3D plans, videos, and renderings of the design that must be approved before construction. The contractor’s firsthand connection and insight into the creative vision translates into expressing the design agreement’s intricacies in the construction.

3D pool equipment visual


The result is inspiring when creative vision strikes the right balance with subsequent creative expression. This article about the esteemed Versace Mansion illustrates the importance of design motifs and continuity.

One pool contractor handling the design and build can properly dedicate the craftsmanship to the vision because they're well-versed in the design itself. 



Idealism or realism? You get both because a pool contractor can reconcile the blueprint with extensive knowledge of its mechanics. 

construction blueprint example

Many people are forced to make a sacrifice between idealism and realism when it comes to construction work. However, that sacrifice isn't warranted when you’re working with a comprehensive approach that encompasses design and construction. An excellent pool contractor in this space will be able to identify how well a certain design feature will function in real life with their extensive knowledge of hands-on construction methods and limitations, and create adjustments along the way that allow your ideal to be realized. 

For example, suppose a pool design is going to be constructed on a slope. In that case, a well-seasoned pool contractor will know that they’ll need to install special drainage systems to optimize water flow on this terrain. A regular construction designer or architect would not know this; the intricate mechanics associated with pool construction would not be in their wheelhouse. Similarly, if a design includes add-ons requiring more ventilation, a pool contractor will call upon a mechanical engineer because they understand the ventilation will require pipes at least eight to ten inches in diameter.

A pool contractor will handle these mechanical nuances of a pool design proactively and assertively because of their practical technical knowledge base. The result? A pool design that’s as feasible as it is awe-inspiring.



No one likes playing telephone, least of all with a scattering of disconnected contractors.

During the pool construction process, there are many moving parts that can include thirteen or more trades involved during the construction. When your pool design and construction includes different companies and various subcontractors, things get chaotic because communication between workers will exist in a silo. In this scenario, you will be the de facto go-between among the entire group as the person who holds the keys.

Inversely, when one company spearheads both design and build, there’s a cohesive line of communication between in-house workers that begets clarity and orderly delegation of responsibilities. A reputable pool contractor will have a master plan with the construction timeline embedded within the plan, keeping a strict watch over what worker is doing what on a particular day. This prevents overlap and crowding because the pool contractor will schedule out the construction process so that every one of their workers knows what they’re doing at that point in the process. 

Avoiding overlap and having an in-house line of communication streamlines communication and the third-party network of expertise the pool contractor calls upon.



Now that you’ve read this article, you know that you can get the pool you envision without compromising on the aesthetics or functionality of the design. Convenience is yours for the taking!

At J Designs Pool and Spa, we have spent over 15 years creating unique pool designs and bringing them to life through our dedication to education and refining our craft. We’re committed to ensuring the process is organized and that the final product resonates with the essence of your unique style.

Your pool design made manifest is just one stop away, contact us and schedule a consultation!

Brimming with excitement about your future pool but still needing some reassurance? Slow and steady!

In the meantime, we’ll meet you where you’re at! Check out these related articles for more information:



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