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Popular Inground concrete Pool Design Trends For 2023

Popular Inground concrete Pool Design Trends For 2023

As the year is drawing to a close, we are already setting our sights on the next summer, especially when it comes to our pools and their design. 

Whether you are an existing pool owner or going through the exciting process of getting a new pool built for your home, you want to make sure that your pool not only looks amazing but is customized to your own personal style. 

However, designing or renovating your pool can be a challenge if you don’t know where to start. 

A well-designed modern pool will improve the quality of your lifestyle as well as enhance your backyard space. But what are the current trends? What’s popular? What are the “bees’ knees” when it comes to pool designs? 

J Designs Pool and Spa has been working with clients for over 14 years to build inground pools of many different styles and shapes. We have seen the popular trends in pool designs homeowners have chosen throughout the years. 

While many pool design trends are happening, these are ones that we have noticed are gaining popularity and will be the trend predictions for 2023. 

By the end of this article, you will know our choices for popular inground pool design trends for 2023 in terms of design, amenities, shape, finishes, pool type, and equipment. You will also know what it takes to build a modern pool for your backyard. 

That way, you can use this knowledge to prepare your pool, giving it the design of your dreams to make it showroom-ready for 2023. 

Let’s take a look at our contestants!


Popular Pool Designs


Overflow Perimeter Pools

These are pools that are raised without coping. Water fills the vessel until it overflows and spills into an underground gutter that runs around the pool.

Overflow perimeter


This has been a favorite among homeowners because even though it’s a complex design, it offers a simple and elegant look of a floating sheet of glass. 


Lautner Edge Pool

The only difference between a Lautner Edge pool and an overflow pool is that the Lautner Edge is built on the ground level and not raised. However, the water overflow still runs on all sides. 


Infinity Pool 

This pool design might sound more familiar to you since it has picked up demand among homeowners in recent years. Especially those with hillside properties and gorgeous views. 

Infinity or “vanishing edge” pools are similar to an overflow and Lautner Edge pool, except that the water overflow only happens on one or two sides of the pool, instead of all around. One of the exposed walls is a little shorter than the water level, so water flows into a catch basin below. 


Infinity 3


Popular Pool Amenities


Fire Pits

Looking to add more of a cozy social element to your pool? Fire pits are a great added feature that homeowners can add to their hardscape, adjacent to their pool, or even inside of their pool. 

The wonderful thing about fire pits is that even when your pool might be out of commission during the more chilly months, they can still be lit and used to entertain friends, family, or even yourself on a quiet night. 




Acrylic Windows

Acrylic windows are windows that are put on one side or a section of the pool, so you can see through them, like a fish tank.

Have a pool on your roof and want to impress your guests? You can also put acrylic windows on the floor of your pool, so people in the living space can look up and see others swimming on top.


Cold Plunges

Very popular in wellness centers, cold plunges can also be installed in your home. 

They are separate bodies of water that you can go to after taking a hot bath. You plunge into the cold water and it regenerates your bloodstream, clearing it of toxins. Perfect for those with an active, athletic lifestyle or even those who want to keep their bodies in great working shape. 


Wet Bars/ Swim-Up Bars

If you’re a homeowner who likes to throw a good party, then this is a design trend you should consider for your pool. 

Attached wet bars have been a long-time choice for homeowners when it comes to pool amenities. They’re social, and fun and can add that resort feel to your backyard. 

With swim-up bars, raised stools are built into one side of your concrete pool, and drinks can be served without ever having to leave the water. 


Popular Pool Shape


Rectangle Pools

Often referred to as “rectilinear”, rectangle pools are popular because they have simple, clean lines. 


Untitled (3)

A lot of newer homes in California are inspired by Modernist architecture, which emphasizes straight lines and geometric shapes that are mostly rectangular or square. That home design goes along perfectly with the design and shape of a rectangular pool.


Popular Pool Finishes


Polished Surface Finish With Marble Base

When it comes to concrete pools, the plaster finish is what gives most of its aesthetic appeal, and Polishes Surface Finish With Marble Base is one of the most beautiful and durable. 

They can take quite a lot of use without much wear and tear. Also, if the water chemistry gets bad you can renovate this pool finish without complete demolition.


Pebble Aggregates


Pebble Aggregate Finishes are popular among homeowners because of their ability to mimic natural bodies of water. 

They come in a large variety of colors, sizes, and textures, making your choices virtually limitless. Do you want your pool to look like a lake or an ocean? The right pebble aggregates could help you bring out that look. 


Popular Pool Type 


Concrete Pools

Concrete pools have been the first choice for pool types in California for a long time. There are a few reasons for that. 

First, they are highly customizable, able to be shaped and molded to fit your personal style. Any design that you can think of, a concrete pool can be shaped to. 

While it’s not the case for all California locations, the expansive soil that we have because of earthquakes is not appropriate to support a pool that is not made from concrete (such as vinyl or fiberglass).

They are also incredibly durable and handle a lot of use. Since the weather in California is pretty mild for most of the year, pools never really stop being in use. This makes a concrete pool a perfect addition to your home. 

The investment in concrete pools is significant because they're going to be something that lasts for quite a long time. There is no need to replace or change


Popular Pool Equipment


Smart Pumps  

Just as important to homeowners as their pool’s design is the type of equipment used to sanitize and maintain their pools. 

As technology is advancing every day, homeowners want to stay ahead of the curve and use up-to-date pool technology, which includes smart pumps. 


Smart pumps are used in conjunction with ozone and UV systems. They are cost-effective and will run low maintenance. They also consume less electricity. Can be controlled through a smartphone.

Creating A “Modern” Pool

While we’re not exactly like the Jetsons yet with flying cars and homes that float in the sky, there are ways that we can modernize our own living spaces, including our pools. 

When building or renovating a pool, there are certain attributes are required for it to be what we consider “modern.” 

  • It has to have automation, sustainability, and long-lasting materials.


  • It must be appropriate to the landscape and match the architecture of the home.


  • It must be valuable to enjoy with family and friends.


  • It must adhere to current regulations and safety standards.


Also, when I say the term “modern” I don’t mean that your pool has to be sleek, metallic, and shiny with laser beams.

Even with a classic-style pool with stone fountains and 200-year-old marble, you can make it modern as long as it embodies the qualities listed above. 

Modern is simply the quality. The style is completely up to you. 

Just be sure that whichever style you choose, you listen to a proper pool professional who can help you realize a design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable and buildable. 


You’re Ready To Choose Your Pool Design

Now you know the popular inground pool design trend predictions for 2023 in terms of design, amenities, shape, finishes, pool type, and equipment. You also know what it takes to build a modern pool for your backyard.

We hope this list gave you ideas and inspiration for your new or existing inground pool. Whichever design or feature you choose, it will add a noticeable upgraded quality to your backyard oasis. 

At J Designs Pool and Spa we have seen the popular pool trends in design throughout our 14 years in business. Some designs come and go, others stay for ten years or more. 

Either way, we want you to feel confident in the choices for your pool design so you can enjoy it for years to come…or at least until you spot the next upgrade or amenity. 

If you are ready to discuss pool designs with one of our consultants, schedule an appointment with one of our pool design experts. 

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