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4 Benefits of PebbleTec Pool Finishes

4 Benefits of PebbleTec Pool Finishes

Are you getting ready to renovate your pool? Perhaps you’re in the market for a concrete pool and can’t decide between a traditional white plaster finish or something more luxurious.

That’s when you come across PebbleTec and think to yourself, “Is this pool finish worth the investment?” After all, PebbleTec comes in at 60% higher than traditional white plaster. While that may come with a bit of sticker shock, we can assure you this price is justified.

J Designs Pool and Spa is a PebbleTec Certified Builder, and with over 15 years of experience in installing various pool finishes, we have first-hand knowledge of their ability to withstand the test of continual use over time.

This article is going to illustrate the benefits of choosing a PebbleTec pool finish, detailing the longevity, aesthetics, and texture of this revolutionary pool finish. When you’re done reading this article, you will have a big-picture overview and understanding of the long-term savings of this upfront investment.



Low-maintenance, dependable, and enduring: the triple-threat of a PebbleTec Finish.

Maintaining proper water chemistry is essential to the longevity of any pool finish, as no finish lasts forever. However, with regular care and maintenance, PebbleTec finish is made to last for a solid 20-25 years. Traditional white plaster finishes have to be re-plastered every 10-15 years or so due to erosion from pool chemicals such as chlorine. 

PebbleTec finishes are resistant to natural discoloration and do not require chemicals to maintain color vibrancy. The carefully sourced finish helps protect the plaster from chemical deterioration as well, a feat traditional white plaster just can’t claim. 

Even the process of sourcing the blend is so extreme that it’s part of the cost. PebbleTec finishes are made of small rocks of various shapes and colors that have been gathered from quarries around the world. The growing popularity is a result of PebbleTec’s durable finish unmatched in both beauty and texture. 

While the upfront cost may be more expensive than traditional white plaster, the longevity of PebbleTec finishes will end up saving you the money you’d otherwise spend on frequent replastering. Aside from the financial aspect, you wouldn’t have to deal with the headache of spending more time and energy on a re-plastering job. That guarantee alone will give you peace of mind that cannot be quantified in dollars and cents.



Prepare to be dazzled. 

PebbleTec’s finishes boast a pristine elegance. The finishes are made of aggregates that are carefully sourced from riverbeds, beaches, and quarries around the world.

The various colors and pigmented hues of these pebbles are refined and blended until they mimic the terrazzo floor of your dream tropical beach vacation. 

The result? An extravagant oasis of beauty and splendor in your backyard. 

Personal tastes may vary, but one truth reigns supreme: PebbleTec’s finishes are anything BUT lackluster. The wide range of pigments to choose from is both fade-resistant and varied, with 16 natural pebble colors spanning from deep ocean blues to icy teals, to bold emeralds. This spectrum of colors is intensified as the sunlight plays on the water throughout the day. 

Pool floor pebble finish

PebbleTec intentionally designed these pebble colors with the great outdoors in mind. It’s not always possible to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, but you don’t have to go on a trip to Joshua Tree to get the soothing “at one with nature” feeling. These various color finishes are inspired by waterfalls, riverbeds, boulders, and beach entries that can mimic the tranquility created by nature. 



It’s no secret by now that a PebbleTec finish is easy on the eyes, but is it also easy on the feet? 

Due to intense quality control in sourcing the finest pebbles and the meticulous blending process, the answer is a resounding yes! PebbleTec’s finishes are more textured than traditional white plaster, but they’re not rough. 

The trademark formula in PebbleTec’s highly coveted mixture is a lab-tested blend that has been tested for unwanted metals and refined over 30 years. Following the initial sourcing of the mixture, there’s a fine-tuned process called exposure that prevents the finish from being rough around the edges. That exposure method used will be more or less extensive depending on which PebbleTec finish you choose for your pool. Regardless of the finish you select, each trained PebbleTec Certified Builder will apply each finish using the most effective techniques. 

In the case of a traditional PebbleTec finish, the result is a pool surface with an Earthy, non-slip texture. PebbleTec has a mix of large and small stones, the size variance creates a tactile, dynamic contrast that makes it less likely to cause a slip and fall.


Those pebbles are bound to a slab of concrete, so both the texture and look are akin to a naturalistic creekbed. Not only will your feet avoid cuts and scrapes, but you’ll get to feel at one with nature even in a bustling city or quiet California suburb.



PebbleTec blends beauty with convenience and exceptional value. As such, there are many factors built into the price. One factor is Pebbletec’s 2-day installation protocol, a feat that is both labor-intensive and convenient for your respective construction timeline.

From the prep to the pressure wash and detail, PebbleTec’s installation is streamlined into 6 steps to ensure a timely, meticulously refined finish for your pool.

It’s important to reiterate that the finish can only be installed by a  Pebble Tec-certified pool builder. This required protocol and training lends itself to providing robust installation workmanship, and an installation warranty embedded in the creation if you will.



Now that you know why PebbleTec’s plaster finish is one of the leaders in the market for sustainable, aesthetically-pleasing pool finishes, you can move forward with the surety that the value of the finish will justify the investment. 

If you’re ready to learn more about PebbleTec finishes, we are here to help. J Designs Pool and Spa is a PebbleTec Certified Builder, and as such, we have expert installers ready to apply luminous PebbleTec pool finishes. 

If you’re in the market for a light renovation, an older pool can be resurfaced with PebbleTec and appear brand new. As Certified PebbleTec builders, we extend our expertise and seamless installation to give you the best value for your investment. 

The first step to designing your peaceful, aquatic escape is to contact us and schedule a consultation!

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