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5 Benefits of Automatic Pool Covers: What You Need To Know

5 Benefits of Automatic Pool Covers: What You Need To Know

The summer season is over, your pool will not be in use for some time, and the dread of dusting off, dragging, and rolling out that vinyl cover seems highly daunting. 

So you decide to skip the cover. Just this once. 

By not placing a cover over your pool when not in use for a long time, you could be exposing your pool to water evaporation, loss of heat, and bits of debris falling in, which could lead to damage to your pool finish. 

However, with automatic pool covers there are so many benefits that relieve the stress of having to lug out the vinyl or solar pool cover. With the press of a button, they can roll out automatically and within minutes to cover your pool and protect your pool water without any manual labor. 

They can also save water and keep your pool heated.

J Designs Pool and Spa has Verified Watershape pool professionals with 20+  years of installing automatic pool covers and seeing their benefits. We want to share those benefits with you so that you can decide if an automatic pool cover is the right decision for you and your home.

By the end of this article, you will know what exactly an automatic pool cover is, how it operates, the five benefits of having an automatic pool cover, potential drawbacks to consider, and how to maintain them. 

Let's get to it! 

What Exactly Is An Automatic Pool Cover and How Does It Work?

Just as the name states, automatic pool covers are covers that can be “automated” to roll out on top of the pool water with hands-free control. 

Living in a world with increasing updates in technology, automated covers have been a desirable draw for homeowners who like to give their space a modern edge. 

Installed when the pool is initially constructed or remodeled, automated pool covers are usually made of a vinyl material that is wrapped around a reel on one end of the pool. 

With just a click of a remote or switch, the cover is released, going forward in a straight line. Propelled by a system of pulleys and cables, the automated cover moves smoothly along tracks, which go underneath the coping, or on top in some cases. 

It’s along the same mechanics as an automatic curtain used inside the home in the bedroom or living room. 



Automatic pool covers come with two different types of motors: electric, which requires the use of a plug, and hydraulic, which utilizes pumps powered by vegetable fluid. 

Now that we know what an automatic pool cover is and what it does, why are so many homeowners crazy about it? 


5 Benefits of An Automated Pool Cover


1. Easy To Operate

When it comes to rolling out your automatic pool cover, no physical exertion is needed. It’s as easy as flipping a switch. Literally! 

Automatic covers have a toggle switch, that has a lock, similar to exterior doors. The switch is kept in a waterproof box adjacent to the pool for easy access. 

There’s even a hand-held remote which is given to homeowners upon installation. 

With automated car door locks, people never have to worry about losing a set of keys again. With the automated pool cover controls, you can always make sure that your pool is being protected with the same ease and convenience. 

2. No Debris Entry

With automated pool covers, the vinyl material touches the surface of the water, forming a seal that will not let any type of debris enter your pool. 

There is virtually no gap for anything to fall through, which is the perfect guarantee for the safety of your children and small pets. 

This will also protect your pool’s water and surface from any algae or bacteria that leftover debris can leave. 

3. Water Conservative

In California, the drought is still very much a reality and, unfortunately, pools still get a very bad rap for not being water conservative. 

This, however, is a total myth, and pools can be extremely water-conservative. One of the ways is through the use of automatic pool covers. 

The covers are typically made out of very thick UV-treated vinyl, and because the cover sits right on top of the water, there’s no room for the water to evaporate. 

Therefore, no water is wasted and your pool’s water levels remain the same for you and your family to keep enjoying. 

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4. Keep Your Water Temperature Steady

Keeping the pool electronically heated takes a lot of time and money, especially when you live in an area where winter comes sooner than others. 

Another reason why more homeowners are using automatic pool covers is that they are made with darker vinyl covers that absorb more light and heat from the sun, helping to warm the pool without even turning on a heater or gas pump. 

Exposed pool water has chemicals that will react to the UV rays in the sun, and having your water in an environment where there is no direct sunlight will inspire more steady temperatures.

With automated pool covers, you can enjoy your pool much longer. 

5. It Comes In Different Colors

People like having items that reflect their own aesthetic and personal style. Pool covers are no different. 

Automated pool covers come in a variety of shades and colors, so they not only protect your pool, but they can make it look amazing as well. 


Potential Drawbacks of An Automatic Pool Cover

Not everything is made for everybody. While there are many benefits to having automatic pool covers, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider before deciding if installing one is the right move for you. 


1. Automated Pools Are A Major Purchase

Being a high-end, luxury item, automatic pool covers have more mechanical features. They also require a professional installation, which can increase their cost. 

2. Not Very Customizable In Shape

Only able to be installed effectively on square or rectangle pools, automatic covers are not very customizable to different pool shapes. There are a few exceptions where they can be installed to run on a track above the deck of a custom-shaped pool.

3. Not Very Adjustable

In terms of installing automatic pool covers, once they're in, they're in. Removing and adjusting automatic pool covers once installed is a complicated process that if done wrong could damage your pool, your pool deck, and the cover itself.

Automatic Pool Cover Maintenance

To keep your automated pool cover running smoothly and looking good, you have to make sure not to have that much traffic around your pool cover or objects that could puncture your cover (rocks, sharp objects). 

While there have been people standing on automatic pool covers to test their durability in trials and advertisements, it’s never a great idea to stand on any pool cover. This could potentially tear the vinyl and can create a safety hazard for any involved. 

Also, it’s important to make sure that the top is clean and free of natural debris like leaves, dirt, snow, or small rocks. 

Any debris that gets into the automatic pool cover vault can clog the drain in the vault, potentially causing a serious issue.

For those who live in areas where snow and heavy rain are common, rest assured. All automatic pool cover owners are provided with a pump that drains the rainwater off of the top of the cover. That way it doesn’t hold any weight. 

The vinyl of an automatic pool cover can last you 10 years or more if properly maintained. However, it’s important to remember that while the cover is strong, it’s not indestructible.


Next Steps To Getting Your Automatic Pool Cover

Now you know what exactly an automatic pool cover is and how it operates, the benefits of having an automatic pool cover, potential drawbacks to consider, and how to maintain them.

Automated pool covers are increasing in popularity and demand for all of their wonderful benefits. However, that doesn’t mean they are for every home or every pool. By reading this article, you will be able to weigh the pros and cons for yourself and decide if an automatic pool cover is right for you. 

At J Designs Pool and Spa we have been installing automatic pool covers for 14+ years and seeing the amazing conveniences that this item has made for countless inground pools.

If you are ready to take the next step and speak to one of our team members about an automated cover for your pool, schedule a consultation

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