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What's An Ozone Generator? And Why It's Great For Your Pool

If you’re old enough to remember any woman in your family using Aquanet hairspray, then you’re old enough to have heard about ozone. 

Since the late 70s, the world has lived in fear of aerosol products such as hairspray, spray tan, and sunscreen depleting that precious, but mysterious, substance in the stratosphere called the ozone layer. 

Ozone has always been seen as a protector against the harmful UV rays of the sun swallowing us all up. However, a lot of people still know very little about ozone, including that it can also protect you in the pool. 

Did you know that over time your pool could be flooded with all sorts of bacteria and parasites? By utilizing what is known as an ozone generator, pool builders can harness this substance and eliminate all of the nasty and harmful substances that you may encounter in your pool water. 

Using ozone generators is a growing trend with pool builders, and at J Designs Pool and Spa, we have spent 14 years keeping our clients’ water systems as safe and as clean as possible. 

There is an increased number of ozone generator requests from homeowners. By the end of this article, we want to make sure that you have all the information that you need to know what it is, how it works, potential drawbacks and why it could be great for your pool. 

Now, let’s talk about some ozone! No hairspray is required…


What The Heck Is Pool Ozone? 

A pale-blue-colored gas with three atoms, ozone (or O3) has been used in water filtration for many years. 

Water treatment plants all over the world had to modernize recovering and cleaning water so that it’s deliverable to the homeowner. 

They used different types of sanitation chemicals, such as sodium chloride (or chlorine), among others. However, it was ozone that proved to be one of the most potent water sanitizers, with a nature stamp of approval! 

Harnessing ozone into sanitation technology has been capitalized on by many new pool manufacturers. By giving oxygen to your pool water, ozone can deplete any, if not all, of the bacteria that is left over in your pool. The same bacteria can lead to certain viruses and skin conditions. 

Since many commercials in the 70s warned you about ozone being unstable and causing harm to humans, you may think that having ozone in your pool is dangerous. 

Well, yes, it can be… if the ozone were deposited directly into your pool water. 

However, by using concealed pumps, ozone is cycled into your pool a little at a time, so that there is no harm presented to anyone swimming in your pool. The ozone is kept at a low and safe level. 


What The Heck Is An Ozone Generator? 

For years, water filtration plants have been using ozone to purify water and remove bacteria. Now, the pool industry is catching on. However, because of the cost of ozone, as well as the amount of expertise needed to correctly apply it to water, there has been slower mass-adoption. 

In recent years, we have gained more knowledge of this particular sanitizer and have used it in what is known as an ozone generator. 

This is part of a chemical automation system that pumps O3 out into the pool water in small amounts. By attaching itself to bacteria, algae, and other debris, it oxidizes and eliminates them, making your pool water clean and safe to swim in.




We cannot stress enough that while ozone is great for your pool water, this is still a dangerous gas, which can cause harm. To be truly effective, the ozone generator must be installed outdoors, preferably by a professional so that it can safely filter the water in your pool. 

When it comes to the different types of ozone generators to use, there are two: corona discharge and UV 


Corona Discharge Ozone Generators

Since a certain pandemic happened a few years ago, anything with the name “corona” attached to it automatically gets a bad rap. Try going into the beer section of your grocery store without getting PTSD. 

However, when it comes to pool ozone filtration, using corona discharge has never been more popular. By giving out an electric shock that can create ozone, it has also been proven effective in eliminating pool bacteria


UV Ozone Generators

Usually associated with tanning beds, dentists’ offices, and theme park rides, UV light can also help produce ozone to get rid of your pool water’s bacteria. 

When air passes over UV lamps, the oxygen in that air splits apart and forms ozone. By distributing that ozone into your pool water by a method called venturi injection, it is circulated through the system, delivering clean water to you. 


The Benefits Of Using An Ozone Generator

For years ozone generators have been used by the Navy and the Coastguard in their pools when they are training. Ozone has also been pumped into fish tanks and large aquariums to keep their water clean and their fish healthy. 

You may not be a Navy Seal or a goldfish, but the bottom line is: if you swim a lot, chances are you’re gonna want to have ozone for your pool. 

But why? What are the benefits of using ozone? 


1. Great For Skin Conditions

Unlike other harsh chemicals that can be used in your pool, like chlorine, which can damage or dry out your skin, ozone has been proven effective against that. By oxidizing inorganic and organic chloramines, ozone can help reduce skin irritation, leaving you feeling great after a long swim. 


2. Won’t Damage Pool Finish

Do you want to have that custom Chilean stone lining the pool of your dreams? Your best bet to keep it from any sort of cracking or discoloration would be to use ozone. 

With any kind of pool finish, using an ozone generator can fight any type of wear and tear and keep your pool looking beautiful for a long time. 


3. Different Choices

With the choices between UV and Corona Discharge generators, you no longer need to choose just one option. By having your pick of generators, you’re able to customize your ozone filtration system to what is right for you and your pool. 

With these amazing benefits, it’s hard to say no to running out to the nearest contractor and getting your ozone system installed today. However, we would not be doing our jobs if we didn’t tell you of the potential drawbacks of owning an ozone generator. 

Installing an ozone generator can be very expensive and cannot be done without a professional contractor. Money will have to be spent. 

Also, if an ozone generator is not properly maintained, it could spell trouble for your pool. The gas will be released directly into your water, which can cause a change in the overall look and feel of it. There might also be a strange smell which you will notice. Remember, ozone is a gas! 

The upside to all of this is that since these are tell-tale signs that you can easily detect, you will be able to get ahead of the problem by contacting your contractor immediately


Why Ozone Could Be Great For Your Pool

Listen, we don’t expect you to know every nitty-gritty detail about ozone and ozone generators. That’s our job. 

However, now that you have read this article, you should have a little bit more insight into what an ozone generator is, how it works and why it could be beneficial for you and your pool. 

With ozone’s chemical properties, it can be a great alternative to chlorine. Great for your pool and your physical health. 

We at J Designs have had experience for over 20 years of helping our customers keep their pools clean by installing different kinds of pool filtration systems. Most recently, the ozone generator has been a favorite among our clients, with testimonials about how this investment has improved the quality and durability of their pools

If you want to know more about ozone generators, or would like to speak to a professional, please contact us for a consultation

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What's An Ozone Generator? And Why It's Great For Your Pool

If you’re old enough to remember any woman in your family using Aquanet hairspray, then you’re old enough to have heard about ozone. 

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