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Things to Know About Swimming Pool Construction

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Congratulations, after deciding on a design, location, and selecting the contractor that will be in charge of your dream project, you are ready to start your Los Angeles pool construction!

Some things you need to know to make the process smoother for you and your family... 

1. Your Backyard Turns into a Construction Zone

Building a pool in your backyard turns your backyard into a construction zone, It is no longer the place for children or pets to roam freely! Make arrangements to keep children and pets out of the swimming pool construction area.

All construction-related paperwork has to be kept at your job site.  Many people, including subcontractors, inspectors, and other tradesmen, will look for information Do not remove any of the papers from this location!

2. Dig Alert?

At excavation, the contractor will do its best to avoid hitting any underground wires, irrigation systems, etc.  However, accidents can happen.  City or county representatives will come out and mark your utility (such as gas, electric, and communication) lines when we call for a “Dig Alert” but you must be certain to provide access to your property so that these professionals can clearly mark existing services.

3. Gas Meter Size

The introduction of a gas pool heater may require an increase in the size of your gas meter.  If this is so, your Swimming Pool Contractor will inform you to call your local gas service to make these changes.  This service is usually provided free of charge by your local gas company.

4. Fence & Gate Requirements 

As per the California Safety Code, the Swimming Pool Buyer is responsible to be present during Fence and Gate Inspection.  Each city has its own code requirements for this inspection.  Most cities will require that, if there is a current fence or gate system, it be brought up to current code requirements.  Fence and Gate inspection must be passed before plaster can be installed.  

5. Change Orders or Addendums

First and foremost, a Profesional Pool Contractor wants you to be happy with your finished pool.  That’s why they will require a signed change order/addendum for any changes you request along the way during construction.  Sometimes addendums will modify small things like adding the removal of a small shrub at no cost.  Sometimes addendums will make substantial changes like the depth of the pool or “flipping” the layout to meet city code requirements.  The thing to remember is that no deviation from your original contract will be made without a signed change order/addendum to verify the agreement between the buyer and the pool builder.

Tips to Choose the Right Builder

Choosing the right builder is the most critical decision you will make regarding your swimming pool construction, so take your time, ask questions,...

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