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LA Inground Pool Construction Journey: Your 13-Step Timeline

LA Inground Pool Construction Journey: Your 13-Step Timeline

There’s no place like home… especially when you have an ethereal pool on your property.

Imagine stepping onto a path, much like the fabled yellow-brick road from the Wizard of Oz. This path, however, is the Hollywood Walk of Fame that leads to your mystical pool.

Building a pool is not a whirlwind journey through a magical land, but it does require careful planning, expertise, and a clear roadmap. That's where our 13-step construction timeline becomes your very own yellow-brick road, demystifying the pool construction process so you'll feel confident and prepared every step of the way.

With over 15 years of expertise in building concrete pools throughout LA, our team at J Designs Pool and Spa is well-equipped to tackle any challenge. From infinity to olympic designs, we've constructed diverse pools that harmonize with unique terrains. Just as Dorothy found companions along her journey, we'll be with you every step of the way, offering guidance and expertise.

So, slip on your metaphorical ruby slippers as this article unveils the 13 steps that pave the way to your dream pool.



During the first step of your construction process, we prioritize obtaining the required permits and approvals from local authorities. 

A pre-site meeting is conducted to thoroughly review all elements outlined in your contract. We take proactive measures by contacting Dig Alert to mark underground utilities, ensuring smooth progress without any service interruptions. 

To keep the project on track, we assist you in selecting the ideal materials and promptly ordering the necessary equipment, minimizing potential delays or cost fluctuations. Additionally, we arrange for secure storage of the equipment in your garage until the installation phase begins.

Construction hack: Prioritizing the permit process and coordinating the material selection and equipment procurement early on helps avoid delays and ensure a smooth construction journey.


STEP 2: Excavation

The excavation phase marks the exciting start of shaping your pool. Heavy machinery will be used to dig out the designated area, requiring clear access to the property. 

To ensure optimal soil conditions, turn off sprinklers in advance. Please anticipate some lawn damage near the excavation area, and it's recommended to postpone landscaping plans until construction concludes. Throughout the process, various inspections, including grading inspections, will be conducted.



Step 3: Steel Framework Installation

Once the excavation is complete, it's time to reinforce the structure of your pool. Our skilled builders will bend and install steel bars, also known as rebars, to provide strength and support to the pool's shotcrete shell. This steel framework acts as the backbone of your pool, ensuring its stability and longevity.


STEP 4: Rough Plumbing and Electrical

As the steel framework takes shape, it's essential to lay the groundwork for the pool's plumbing and electrical systems. Our team will dig trenches and install PVC pipes to facilitate water filtration and circulation within the pool. 


  • Additionally, if you plan to incorporate lighting or other electrical features, an electrician will run power lines and set up the necessary connections.

  • Equipment Installation: Alongside the plumbing and electrical work, we will also install pool equipment such as pumps, filters, heaters, and lighting. Once the pipes are in place, they will be prepared for the installation of the equipment at a later stage.

Step 5: Shotcrete/Concrete Application

With the steel framework and plumbing/electrical systems in place, we are ready for the exciting step of applying shotcrete or concrete to create the pool's structure.


Shotcrete is a high-quality, pressurized concrete mixture that is sprayed onto the steel framework, forming the walls, floor, and steps of your pool. This application process ensures a strong and durable pool shell. Keep in mind that during this stage, large machinery and trucks will be present at the construction site.


Step 6: Coping Installation

Once the shotcrete has cured and hardened, it's time to install the coping.

Coping refers to the material used to create a finished edge around the pool's perimeter. It not only provides a visually appealing border but also acts as a protective barrier. Our team will install coping that complements your pool's design and enhances its overall aesthetic.



Step 7: Tile Installation

To further enhance the beauty of your pool, decorative tiles will be applied. These tiles come in various styles and colors, allowing you to customize the look of your pool. The tile installation is an exciting phase as it adds a personal touch and transforms your pool into a stunning centerpiece.



Step 8: Hardscape

If you desire additional features such as an outdoor kitchen, seating area, or fire pit, this is the stage where our crew will start building the hardscape elements around your pool. We will construct retaining walls, steps, and any other hardscape structures outlined in your contract.

  • Deck Preparation: Before pouring the deck, the ground will be graded and compacted to ensure a solid foundation.

  • Deck Installation: The pool decking material will be installed according to your chosen design, providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing surface around the pool.


  • Other Masonry: If specified in your contract, we can also handle additional masonry work, such as building fire pits, barbecues, and other structures that enhance your outdoor living space.

  • Fence and Alarms Installation: To comply with city regulations, during this step we can install any required perimeter fences and door alarm systems or assist the contractor of your choice by providing safety-approved options. Safety is our top priority, and these measures will provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones.


Step 9: Walkthrough Before Plaster

Before proceeding to the final stages, we will conduct a comprehensive walkthrough of the project to ensure that all tasks have been completed according to the agreed-upon scope of work. This walkthrough allows us to address any concerns and make necessary adjustments before moving forward.

Additionally, an inspection of the fencing gate will be arranged to verify that all fences and alarms are correctly set up and fully functional. The inspector will ensure that your pool area meets the required safety.


Step 10: Pool Plaster Installation

After passing the necessary inspections, we will schedule the plaster installation of your pool.

This step involves applying a cement-based surface coat to create a smooth and visually appealing finish. The plaster comes in various options and colors, allowing you to choose the look that best suits your preferences. Once applied, the plaster will need time to cure and strengthen, ensuring a durable and beautiful pool surface.



Step 11: Fill Pool with Water

Once the pool has been plastered and has cured sufficiently, it's time to fill it with water. 


We will carefully monitor the water quality and balance it during the filling process to ensure optimal conditions for swimming. The filling time will vary depending on the pool's size and water pressure. It's important not to turn off the water before reaching the halfway mark of the tile line to avoid potential damage to the plaster.


Step 12: Start-Up and Customer Training

With the pool filled, we will initiate the start-up process and provide comprehensive training on pool operation and maintenance. Our team will demonstrate how to operate the equipment, balance the water chemistry, and perform routine maintenance tasks.

If automation is part of your project, we will program the system for convenient control using your mobile device. Whether you choose to hire a pool service provider or maintain the pool yourself, we will ensure you have the knowledge and resources to enjoy your pool to the fullest.


Step 13: Electric Cover Installation

If your project includes an electric pool cover, we will coordinate its delivery and installation. Electric covers provide added convenience and safety by allowing you to easily open and close the pool when not in use. The installation of the cover will be followed by a final inspection to ensure that all aspects of the project have been successfully completed.




After reading this article, you're well-prepared to navigate your pool construction journey with confidence. From obtaining necessary permits to selecting finishes and features, you now have a clear understanding of what lies ahead on your path to pool perfection.

Building a concrete pool can seem daunting, but we are committed to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable construction process. With over 15 years of expertise in building concrete pools throughout Los Angeles, our team is well-prepared to handle any obstacle that may arise.

With J Designs Pool and Spa as your trusted companions, you can confidently follow our roadmap that leads to your own aquatic Land of Oz. Contact us now to schedule an appointment! We're here to help you bring your pool vision to life.

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