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Water Chemistry

5 min read

What's An Ozone Generator? And Why It's Great For Your Pool

If you’re old enough to remember any woman in your family using Aquanet hairspray, then you’re old enough to have heard about ozone. 

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2 min read

Supply Shortages, Price Increases, and How This Affects You

What to expect this pool season:

Factory shutdowns and an unparalleled demand for pool and spa products due to Covid have caused widespread shortages...

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2 min read

The Truth About Chlorine.

Chlorine-free pools are here to stay… Welcome to Ozone/UV

The problems commonly associated with chlorine are almost always the result of water...

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2 min read

Are salt water pools better?

Thinking of a Salt Water Pool - Think Again!

Why we don't recommend salt systems

While homeowners naturally want beautiful and durable finishes in...

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1 min read

The Importance of Maintaining the Chemical Levels of Your Pool

Construction is over! You regain your backyard and it's time to enjoy your new swimming pool. It is also time to keep up with the maintenance that...

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